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Food and beverage manufacturers not only face escalating costs, tightening regulations and a growing demand for safe and nutritious food, but also manage complex food and packaging waste challenges while ensuring reliability of the energy and water services essential for production.

How and why, at a glance



Turning food waste into green energy

The food and beverage industry is focused on reducing resource consumption and controlling environmental impact while also maintaining standards for quality and production output. The immense amount of organic waste produced during food manufacturing presents a significant opportunity to achieve both goals simultaneously. By converting organic waste into biogas through anaerobic digestion, manufacturers can increase resource productivity, decrease greenhouse gas emissions and reduce power and waste disposal costs.

Transforming packaging waste practices

Food and beverage packaging teams need to ensure customers receive acceptable products while still meeting company yield and waste objectives. Larger manufacturing companies use a wide range of packaging materials, complicating waste recovery and recycling processes. Specialized solutions involving packaging removal systems for non-compliant products, waste stream management and the production of secondary raw materials can increase waste recovery rates and decrease treatment costs.

Maximizing operational and cost efficiencies

Changing consumer preferences and strong competition means the food and beverage industry needs to find solutions to preserve margins. The substantial amounts of water and energy used for processing present an opportunity for the industry to take on water reuse and energy efficiency projects that result in operational efficiencies and cost savings. By partnering with an industry expert, food and beverage manufacturers can use operational best practices and streamline procedures to increase system efficiency and guarantee financial stability.

The Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that every year approximately one-third of food produced for human consumption gets lost or wasted, amounting to roughly $680 billion in industrialized countries and $310 billion in developing countries.

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