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Personal Information Protection Policy

Veolia Japan K.K. and Veolia Jenets K.K. comply with laws and regulations regarding personal information protection and other norms, and acquire personal information as described below

  1. Company Name:
    Veolia Japan K.K., Veolia Jenets K.K.
  2. Chief Privacy Officer:
    Tahahiro IKEHATA, Veolia Jenets CS Department TEL: 03-6858-3300
  3. Purpose of use:
    To reply to inquiries
  4. For inquiries without personal information:
    If you do not enter your name or contact information such as phone number and email address, we are not able to reply to your inquiry.
  5. Customer Service:
    We comply the request of notifiation for the purpose of use of your personal information, disclosure, correction of content, addition or deletion, suspension of use, cancellation and termination of provision to third parties.
    Contact infomration is below.
    Customer Service Center:
    Veolia Jenets K.K. Plannning, CS Department
    TEL: 03-6858-3300 FAX: 03-6858-3301
    E-mail: [email protected]

If you agree with the above, please check the box "Agree to the terms and conditions" and click "SUBMIT" at the bottom after filling out the form.

a) 事業者名: ヴェオリア・ジャパン株式会社、ヴェオリア・ジェネッツ株式会社
b) 個人情報保護管理責任者: 在原 祐機 ヴェオリア・ジェネッツCS本部 
    TEL: 03-6858-3300
c) 利用目的: お問い合わせの内容に回答するために利用します。
d) お客様の個人情報の利用目的の通知、開示、内容の訂正、追加又は削除、
  お客様相談窓口: CS本部 企画部 
  TEL: 03-6858-3300 FAX: 03-6858-3301  E-mail: [email protected]
e) お客様のお名前、電話番号のご記入がない場合は、お問い合わせに回答することができません。



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