Water technologies & solutions, plant engineering

With changes in needs and expectations from customers, water treatment solutions today have been diversified and advanced in terms of energy saving, improvement of cost efficiency, and recovery of energy and other valuables. In order to meet the growing demands to the appropriate level, high EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) capabilities and expertises are sought after.

Veolia has built and offered advanced solutions and pioneering technologies that responded to the needs of individuals and industries around the world.

In Japan, Veolia has established and provided unique solutions to the industries through the 50 years of experience ofVeolia Jenets (previously known as Showa Kankyo System) and to the municipal customers through over 100 years of history of the Nishihara Environment, one of the group companies of Veolia Japan. We have provided to these customers diversified services in high quality with a proactive attitude to employ innovative solutions.We build the best solutions per the requirement of the individual customer by utilizing and optimizing a wide range of water treatment technology. We also contribute to the effective use of existing resources providing technology to separate and recover valuable substances in waste fluid and wastewater.

Veolia is uniquely positioned to service industry, government and commercial entities in improving performance, managing water, waste and energy.

Veolia's solutions

UNOX system

An efficient and stable activated sludge treatment process that uses pure oxygen aeration to treat wastewater.

Aerobic Wastewater Treatment

(Membrane Bio Reacter)
An activated sludge treatment process that produces highly transparent treated water by using a liquid-solid separation system with a fine filtration membrane that is submerged in the biological tank.

Aerobic Wastewater Treatment

(Moving Bed Bio Reacter)
A biofilm carrier with optimal bacteria culture conditions for wastewater treatment.


Aerobic Wastewater Treatment

LINPOR® Process

MBBR system using Linpor cubes that makes it possible to keep the MLSS concentration high without increasing the load on the final settling tank.

Aerobic Wastewater Treatment

Biological denitrification-desulfocation process
An economical solution for nitrogen removal using biological treatment.


Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment


An economic solution that is applicable especially to high density organic waste liquid and is able to recover by-products such as methane gas or fatal energy.

Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment


Anaerobic digester mixing system that creates a strong horizontal flow in the tank. Maintenance is easy with the installation outside of the tank.

Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment


A Veolia-patented high-performance water clarifier for municipal and industrial water treatment.

Clarification & Flotation

Evaporation - Distillation - Crystallization
Large-scale, highly integrated process solutions utilizing HPD evaporation and crystallization technology.

Evaporation - Distillation - Crystallization


Discfilter offers a large filtering area in a small footprint for municipal effluent polishing and industrial water reuse.


RO, CDI® Unit

Combined unit of RO and CDI to produce high purity water for high pressure boilers and other industrial applications.

Ion exchange & Deionisation

Wastewater recovery system

Customized wastewater recycling systems by combining original technologies such as membrane treatment units, high-rate clarifiers, and biological treatment processes.

Ion exchange & Deionisation

Sewage force main hydrogen sulfide suppression
A preventive system that prevents sulfide generation in the sewage network mainly by injecting oxygen to inhibit the activity of sulfate-reducing bacteria.

Multi-Technology Package Solution

ROTAMAT® Screens

Screen that combine several functions - screenings separation, washing, transport and dewatering - in one simple system.

Screening & Separation

Rotary Fin Collector

Improve solid-liquid separation and sludge concentrationusing rotating blades, as well as downstream sludge treatment efficiency.

Sludge treatment

SD Centrifuge

High solid-liquid separation performance using centrifugal force achieved a continuation of stabilization treatment with various properties of sludge.

Sludge treatment


A cutting-edge clarifying and sterilizing system that is replacing the conventional treatment processes of coagulating sedimentation and sand filtration.

Specific treatment

PSA PressureSwing  Adsorption
VSA VaccumeSwing Adsorption

PSA/VSA oxygen generators that supply pure oxygen at low cost by separating oxygen from air.

Specific treatment