EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction)

Customer needs has been diversified and advanced by expecting values, such as energy saving, improvement of cost efficiency, and recovery of energy and other valuables. In order to build facility which exactly meets customer needs, high EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) capability is requested. Veolia has been offers solutions which meet the needs of individuals and industries around the world.

We meet the needs of our customers by utilizing and optimizing a wide range of water treatment technology. We also contribute to the effective use of resources providing technology to separate and recover valuable substances in waste fluid and wastewater.


<Water Treatment>

<Recycling Technology>

We provides technologies for the production and recycling of pure water, which is essential for a wide range of industries.

PSA/VSA oxygen generators that supply pure oxygen at low cost by separating oxygen from air.

PSA/VSA oxygen generator technical information

・ Melting furnace (garbage incinerator, etc.)
・ Copper / zinc smelting industry
・ Electric steel furnace
・ Oxygen enrichment facility (fermentation, etc.)

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