Who We Serve

Since 2002, Veolia Japan has served environmental solutions rooted in local communities throughout Japan, using our understanding of the complex relationship between water, waste and energy to solve environmental challenges and help customers reach their goals.
With a blend of expertise in operations, engineering and technology, Veolia offers a wide range of solutions and delivery sustainable achievements for the cities and municipal customers by keeping public utilities safe and affordable.
Veolia's services and technologies help the food and beverage customers tackle energy efficiency challenges, use water more sparingly, treat wastewater streams, and recover by-products and valorize them to meet their higher standards.
Whether you’re looking for a strategic partner to outsource a full scope of environmental management services, facility operation, or need consultative expertise on a specific initiative like utility water treatment, Veolia can help.
Veolia offers innovative solutions that can be customized to fit the needs of electronics manufacturers—from long-term onsite management and program management to mechanical repair services and hazardous materials training.
Veolia Japan provides a broad range of environmental services to the various types of general manufacturing customers that are tailored to respond to their needs and helps them to maintain their competitiveness in the market.
Veolia helps chemical companies to meet their challenges and focus on their core business with our proven ability to address the needs of large, complex chemical sites across the world using our own experts and deep process knowledge in the fields.
Veolia serves millions of square feet of high-density buildings by leveraging a portfolio of deep technical skills to keep retail, hotel and leisure facilities attractive and inviting, notably through our specific expertise in optimizing floor space.