Six thousand sensors for monitoring water quality

Greater Lyon is one of the largest, most economically vibrant metropolitan areas in France. Veolia has developed innovative solutions that are set to play a part in the city’s success.


In Lyon, Veolia is working to implement cutting-edge technological innovations for data management and water-quality traceability. The water distribution network will be equipped with more than 6,000 sensors that monitor water quality and detect leaks in real time.


Millions of pieces of data will be recorded and sent to an integrated operations center, where they will be analyzed  and immediately used to perform work on infrastructure and in the field, to the direct benefit of users.
Customers will be able to track their water use online and receive an alert if their consumption rises to abnormal levels. In very cold weather users will also receive alerts about the risks of freezing so that they can take appropriate measures.


Serge Sassus
Center Director, Lyon 

“As a partner to Greater Lyon, it is our responsibility to tackle the challenges of both water conservation and quality.” 

Key figures

  • Second-largest drinking-water network in France in terms of customers served

Customer benefits

  • Excellent quality of service for all residents
  • Technological innovation
  • Optimal management of public assets



  • Water treatment: production, operation and maintenance
  • Water transport: distribution, operation and maintenance
  • Customer relations: customer relations and multi-channel management, customer account management and metering
  • Data management and smart services: real-time infrastructure monitoring, work scheduling, dynamic asset management, remote meter reading, leak alerts
  • Management and human capital: staff management and vocational training


6,000 sensors installed

33,000 m³ of water saved per day