Fuelling the Supply of Renewable Energy

Biomass power generation

Veolia diverts waste to energy by operating the biomass power plant such as wood-fired biomass power that uses unused wood resources or biogas power that uses digester gas generated from the sewage sludge treatment process. In the form of waste biomass represents one of the most practical options available for green energy.

We have biomass energy solutions that deliver electricity to the grid, provide renewable heat for industry and district heating and provide electricity and heat.


Veolia solutions

Tsugaru Biomass Energy/ Hanamaki Biomass Energy/ Daisen Biomass Energy
Contributing the local production for local consumption of energy

In Wood fired Biomass Power, Veolia provides state of the art operation and maintenance services to produce power distributed to the grid by reusing the timbers from forest thinning or woods damaged by weevils, timbers from forest thinning, apple brunches trimmed in the growing process, and post industrial waste woods as fuel and transforming them into renewable energies.

Yokosuka Biomass Energy
“Urban style” biomass power with wood resources

Veolia serves the operation & maintenance for another wood-fired biomass power that uses the wood resources such as timbers from the thinning, pruned branches and waste wood from construction site as well as RPF as combustion improvers.

Kanda Biomass Energy
For the future with the local community

Veolia is operating and maintaining the wood-fired power plant that is the biggest biomass power plant in Japan and uses 100% plant based wood biomass such as wood pellet, PKS and unused wood resources.