Electronics & Semiconductors

Electronics & Semiconductors

The electronics and semiconductors industries face changing market dynamics which can lead to high volatility. Optimizing waste, energy and water is important to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Driving sustainable business operations

Having effective disposal, reuse, and recycling programs can have a significant impact on both environmental and financial goals.  As a result of these programs, the electronics and semi-conductors industries can maximize revenues, reduce water and raw material consumption, and guarantee proper health and safety measures.

Providing safe solutions

Because of the corrosive nature of sulfuric acid used the electronics and semi-conductors industries, safety is important. All Veolia employees are committed to Goal Zero, our organization-wide commitment to strive for zero work-related injuries or illnesses. We are experienced in safely running an environmentally friendly sulfuric acid plant and share our knowledge on the safe handling, use and storage of sulfuric acid and spent sulfuric acid with our customers.

Veolia’s broad environmental capabilities mean a single service provider for the industry equipped to provide sulfuric acid for the manufacturing process and safely treat waste and wastewater.

Our electronics and semiconductor solutions

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