Anaerobic treatment

Why Anaerobic treatment?

The principle of anaerobic treatment is the utilization of anaerobic bacteria (biomass) to convert organic pollutants or COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) into biogas in an oxygen free environment. The COD is converted into Biogas, consisting of Methane (CH4) and CarbonDioxide (CO2). The technologies provide COD removal efficiencies typically ranging from > 70% - 99%. The main features of anaerobic treatment are

○Lowest operational costs;

  • Reduced waste production
  • Net positive energy balance due to production of biogas

○Limited CAPEX

  • Compact Design
  • Limited footprint

○No odor emission & Corrosion free

○Green & Sustainable

  • Reduction of Carbon Footprint
  • Allows water re-use
  • Allows recovery of biogas


Veolia proposes the best technologies depending on the water condition of the customers.


1. Biothane

UASB method(Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket)
The UASB method is called the “Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket'' and is the best process especially to treat highly concentrated organic matter and collect biogas. Offers compact design and stable treatment.


2. Biobed

EGSB process(Expanded Granule Sludge Bed) The technology is an improved version of the UASB and achieves higher treatment speed while minimizing the required footprint.


3. Memthane = AnMBR process(Anaerobic Membrane Bio Reactor)

Memthane is a technology that combines Anaerobic treatment with a membrane filtration system that is especially adapted for treating the mixed waste liquid of soluble organic matter and solid organic matter.


4. Biobulk method

CSTR method(Completely Stirred Tank Reactor)
It is a complete mix anaerobic treatment that is generally called digester.
It is a simple system that enables efficient treatment which is especially for solid organic matter.


5. Other

In addition to the methods above, we can provide a Sulfothane system especially for desulphurization of methane gas by using aerobic microorganisms.



We provide the best system for soluble organic matter, solid organic matter or the mixture of them, based on the wastewater quality or treatment target set by the customers.
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