Wastewater Recycling

Veolia Jenets provides customized wastewater recycling systems by combining original technologies such as our membrane treatment units (microfiltration(MF) / ultra-microfiltration(UF) / reverse osmosis(RO)), high-rate clarifiers (ACTIFLO®), high-efficient micro filters (DISCFILTER), and biological treatment processes.


A pressurized microfiltration membrane system that features a patented gas backwash system that effectively removes deposited turbidity on the surface of a hollow fiber membrane by using pressurized air

Reveres osmosis (RO) membrane allows liquid-liquid separation of raw water into recycled water and concentrated water



• ACTIFLO® high-rate clarifier
ACTIFLO® clarifies suspended solids (SS) in wastewater of low to high turbidity by using microsand as coagulant aid.  ACTIFLO® can be installed in spaces from one-fifth to one-twentieth the size required for conventional coagulant treatment systems.

• DISCFILTER high-efficiency micro-filter
DISCFILTERs can be rinsed during the filtering of raw water thanks to its simple and unique design. Filter pore size can selected 10μm to 1mm depending on use.



• MF / UF

Veolia Jenets selects the most suitable membrane system by considering many factors, such as type of suspended solids (SS), particle size distribution, and chemicals contained in the wastewater.

The system is able to not only to recycle filtered waste water, but it can also be used to concentrate suspended solids (SS) or to reduce the volume of waste fluid. 

Veolia Jenets can provide a more efficient recycle system by installing an external membrane biological reactor (MBR).