Pure Water / Ultra Pure Water Systems

Veolia Jenets strongly supports customers' environmental protection activities by providing eco-friendly water-treatment technologies.
• Simple & Compact
Veolia Jenets selects equipment based on a study of the treatment conditions of raw water and treated water, and then creates a system by connecting standardized units from more than 200 choices.
• Free combination of standardized unit 
Veolia Jenets meets our customers' needs by selecting the most suitable combination of standardized units by considering treatment objective and capacity.
• Speedy start-up
Veolia Jenets delivers finished, commissioned equipment so that our customers can output pure water as soon as possible after the delivery. 

Reverse osmosis (RO) membrane unit

Ion-exchange water-purification facilities, which have traditionally been used for the production of general-use pure water and ultra-pure water, are gradually being replaced with membrane treatment facilities such as our reverse osmosis (RO) unit for the use of recovered chemicals, treatment of recovered waste fluid, and the undertaking of maintenance.

RO units are used for desalination in a wide range of applications because of their ability to remove dissolved salts and impurities such as organic substances, microorganisms, and fine particles.

• Compact skid structure that is easy to install and connect to other facilities
• Selectable RO membranes depending on raw water properties and operational conditions
• Option to improve performance by injecting a scale inhibiter
• Option to directly use tap water by installing an active carbon filtration unit

Continuous electric pure water facility (CDI®)

Our Continuous Deionization (CDI®) system is a continuous electric pure water facility licensed from IONPURE Co., USA.

Since there is no need of polymer recycling, the system continuously produces pure water. The whole process is compact because there is no back-up line or large-volume buffer tank, so the system has a small footprint.

Veolia Jenets provides customers with a line of standardized units from small flow (1.0 m3/h) to large flow (40 m3/h).

• Compact skid structure that is easy to install and connect to other facilities
• Replaceable with existing ion- exchange type pure water facility
• Reduces the cost of recycling chemicals and treating waste
• 24-hour operation

Standardized ultra-pure water system (Super Ion Proplus)

Super Ion Proplus is a complete ultra-pure water unit consisting of a two-stage reverse osmosis (RO) unit and continuous deionization (CDI) system that can start operation soon after installation. Installation does not require any construction work.

Super Ion Proplus is an easy to operate and eco-friendly ultra-pure water production system that does not require chemical recycling or waste fluid treatment.

Veolia Jenets provides a line of standardized units from 1.0 m3/h to 20 m3/h.