Microfiltration Equipment (MEMCOR® CMF)

Veolia Jenets provides three types of microfiltration (MF) equipment;
Pressurized MF: CMF 
Pressurized MF with low-pressure backwash: CMF-L
Submerged MF cells: CMF-S 

Pressurized MF: CMF

MEMCOR® CMF, a pressurized microfiltration membrane system, is a cutting-edge clarifying and sterilizing system that is replacing the conventional treatment processes of coagulating sedimentation and sand filtration.   The MEMCOR® CMF system was developed in Australia in 1985 and has been introduced throughout the North American and European markets. In Japan, too, as the first system to introduce the membrane treatment process, the system has had a great delivery record in the applications of advanced treatment of both tap and wastewater and the treatment of process water for industrial use.   The biggest feature of this system is the "Gas Backwash System" that effectively removes deposited turbidity on the surface of the hollow fiber membrane during the filtration process by using pressurized air, which makes it possible to stably operate the CMF system. The system can remove Cryptosporidium, protozoan pathogens.   <Features> • Skid structure - complete and compact • Efficient removal of turbidity by the gas backwash system • Full automatic backwash system • Treatability of wide range of turbidity from low to high • Automated checking of membrane's condition as standard • Certified membrane module for water supply

Pressurized MF with low-pressure backwash: CMF-L

CMF-L is an energy-saving low-pressure backwash microfiltration system that uses new pressured hollow-fiber membranes made of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) to produce a filtration accuracy between 0.05 and 0.1 μ.

• Energy saving
• Minimal effluent volume from the backwash process
• Low-pressure air-scrubbing system for the membrane surface
• Backwash of filtration driven by air pressure (200k Pa)
• Small water volume for backwash
• Renovation based on existing CMF is available.
• Automated checking of membrane's condition as standard
• Qualified membrane module for water supply

Submerged MF cells: CMF-S

The simple structure of the CMF-S system, which is a special hollow-fiber membrane module designed to be submerged in the water tank, provides the advantages of a small footprint and a reduction in costs.

CMF-S has a wide range of applications from process water treatment to wastewater treatment.

The world's largest CMF-S pure water treatment facility with the capacity of 126,000 m3/day is in operation in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.

• Suitable for large-scale water treatment
• High performance allows this small system to treat a large volume of water
• Compatibility of the material of submerge tank, iron plate, or concrete
• Simple structure
• Stable operation allows the treatment of a wide range of turbidities
• Treatability of wide range raw water qualities
• Minimal footprint and equipment cost
• Choice of membrane material: polypropylene (PP) or polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF)
• Automated checking system of the membrane's condition as standard
• Certified membrane module for water supply