Evaporation Technology

Evaporation technology developed by Veolia Water Technologies. 

HPD® Evaporation & Crystallization

Veolia Water Technologies is the global leader in large-scale, highly integrated process solutions utilizing HPD evaporation and crystallization technology. Our focus is the development of unique process designs and technology for our industrial clients in a broad range of markets
Veolia has over 800 installations in more than 30 countries with evaporation and crystallization systems providing critical industrial process that:
  • Produce pure products from natural deposits
  • Recover by-products from waste streams
  • Concentrate dilute streams
  • Volume reduction and water

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EVALED® Evaporators

Completely computer-based for continuous function without operator, EVALED® evaporators allow high concentration ratios, good separation levels as well as recycling and a decrease in volumes to be disposed.
Different models for different needs:
EVALED® PC - Heat pump vacuum evaporators
  • E-Series
  • R-Series

EVALED® AC - Hot/cold water vacuum evaporators

  • EW-Series
  • RW-Series

EVALED® RV -MVR evaporators

  • TC-Series
  • MVR-Series

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