Activated sludge treatment with pure oxygen (UNOX® System)

An efficient and stable activated sludge treatment process that uses pure oxygen aeration to activate sludge for applications such as the removal of persistent substances or the reduction of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD).


Compact aerators
One third the size of aerators needed for conventional processes

​ Accommodates fluctuating BOD
Stable treated water quality
No bulking even under high BOD sludge load
Good sedimentary and aggregability
Generate low volumes of excess sludge
Good dewaterability of excess sludge

Prevents pollution
Closed aerators prevent the release of odor pollutants into the local environment

・ Nitrogen removal (Optional)
Aeration tank can be converted into an anaerobic digester by the installation of an axis-elevation aerator  

<Delivery Record>   

・ Total: 165
Japan: 150 (Industry: 100; Municipality: 45; Night soil: 5)
Overseas: 15 (Korea: 8; Taiwan: 2; Singapore: 2; Philippine: 1; China: 1; Russia: 1)