Sludge reforming and volume reduction

A system that can reform returned sludge by adding a small amount of ozone and reduce the generation of excess sludge by improving sludge settleability and thickenability

This system is certified by Japan Institute of Wastewater Engineering and Technology
• Small volume of ozone : 1ppm in raw water
• Good sludge sedimentary, lower than 100 of sludge volume index (SVI), No bulking by filamentous bacteria or Actinomycetes
• Reduction of excess sludge by more than 30%.
• No effect on treated water quality
• Prevention of scum generated by Actinomycetes
• Acceleration of nitrification due to increased solids retention time (SRT) resulting from the reduction in excess sludge and increase in mixed liquor suspended solids (MLSS) concentration
• Improvement in economic efficiency by combining oxygen-activated sludge treatment and ozone generation
• Wastewater treatment plant of all sizes
• Wastewater treatment plants using standard activated sludge processes, oxygen activated sludge processes, anaerobic aerobic activated-sludge processes, oxidation ditch (OD) process or suspending sludge processes
• Industrial wastewater treatment facilities
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Sludge reforming and volume reduction