Nickel Recovery

Nickel (Ni) is used for the plating process and the sealing process in aluminum manufacturing, and is being discharged in the effluent of such processes.
Solidified Ni(OH)2 is recovered from the nickel (Ni) in the effluent.


Technical overview

Nickel (Ni) in the wastewater is solidified as Ni(OH)2 by adjusting pH to alkaline level using alkaline chemicals.
Solidified Ni(OH)2 is first processed through coagulation sedimentation, and then the sedimented Ni(OH)2 is dehydrated to be transferred to the recovery process.

  • Nickel (Ni) recovered as valuables
  • Cost-effective as it use only inexpensive chemicals
  • Downsizing enabled by high-rate and compact ActifloR



We have references in nickel recovery from the wastewater in aluminum processing factory