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Industries now need to rise to a combination of major environmental, regulatory, social, economic and operational challenges. As a result, they have begun to look beyond simple service solutions in search of a truly creative partner able to innovate. This is the kind of ongoing challenge at which Veolia excels.

East Delta Electricity Production Co (EDEPC), Egypt

Water treatment and desalination system for supercritical thermal power plant.

The client required complete water treatment and desalination systems to treat the sea water and feed the supercritical boiler. Veolia is also treating the plant oily water, wastewater and sewage. Veolia supplies a desalination plant with a total capacity of 6000 m3/day. The final destination of the plant is Egypt for the Suez Thermal Power Plant. The scope of supply includes engineering, fabrication and delivery of two Multiple Effect Distillation (MED) units 3 000 m3/day each. The desalination units shall consist of five evaporation cells operating in Multiple Effect Distillation (MED) process with thermocompressor (TVC).

Egypt Case Study

Veolia water technologies’ team decided to create a consortium to cover the plant’ requirements and perform all works related to the water treatment and desalination systems, including -but not limited to- labor, designing, fabricating, furnishing, delivery to site, receiving, storing, installing, training, testing, startup, and commissioning &maintenance until Operational Acceptance Certificate (OAC) of all equipment, material and systems.
The scope also includes the preparation of detailed drawings, technical documents, as-built documents and submittal of data and technical information and putting into service of all equipment and systems supplied.

Scope of work